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Beautification of Havelian

Videos of President Bar Club, DSP Asif Gohar, Professor Farooq, CMO Havelian and others

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Special request, MC Havelian, from people of Havelian, picture of last years filth
Special request to MC Havelian from people of Havelian with picture of last year's situation

Please do not allow any body to use roads and public areas to dispose the wastage. Filth on the main road can be seen in the last years picture.

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What happens when it rains in Havelian Bazaar

Pictures of Havelian Bazaar during last rain in Havelian

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Interview with CMO Sami Ullah Khan on current situation of Havelian Bazaar

Please tell us about yesterday's operation and your future plans? Do you have any plan for the deprived Cabin Owners? Video by Press Club Havelian

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ASP Kashif Zulfiqar strikes again

Operation against Encroachment restarted in Havelian Bazar today. ASP Kashif Zulfiqar is leading the operation along with CMO Sami Ullah Khan and AC2 Abbas Ali Shah.

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Malik Shahzad praises CMO Sami Ullah Khan for his efforts in the city

ملک شہزاد محمود نے کہا کہ سمیعاللہ خان جیسے نوجوان آفیسر کو مکمل احتیار کے ساتھ کام کرنے دیا جاۓ تاکہ وہ بغیر کسی دباؤ کے شہری مساۂل حل کرسکیں انہوں نے یوتھ ونگ کے نوجوانوں کی طرف سے سیایم او کو مکمل تعاون کا یقین دلایا

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The Mysterious Tube Well in Havelian starts working finally

Water Supply problem for Havelian City will end now Insha Allah! if still any one in Havelian is facing any shortage of water supply please come to me says CMO SamiUllah Khan.

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