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Inquiry starts against incomplete schemes by TMA Havelian during 2014-2015

Press Club: Well done KPK Govt. Inquiry team has reached TMA Havelian on request of MPA Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha. Inquiry team has taken the record in custody and is inspecting different places.

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Work on Langra bridge started again

Press Club: Contractor Haji Zardaad has assured public and journalists of Havelian that Bridge will be constructed with better quality material.

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Video: CMO Sameeullah Khan speaking to contractors

Press Club: While speaking to all the contractors of Tehsil Havelin, CMO made it very clear no one will sell the scheme. All the schemes should be completed before 15th June. Public may contact CMO or Press Club if they find any irregularity or Quality lack..

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CMO Samee Ullah Khan started worth 20 Million development schemes for Havelian

Press Club: 40 new schemes were assigned to different contractors in very transparent manner in front of media. Total worth of schemes is around 20 Million Rupees. The schemes include Construction of Genral Bus Stand, renovation of Slaughter house and several water and sanitation projects.

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