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International Photography Competition: The 1st Place is Lower Kachura lake, Skardu

Wiki Loves Earth 2015 Winners: Pakistani Photo by Zaeem Siddiq Wins 1st Place

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Khaksaar Tehreek, Muslims of Egypt
Khaksaar Tehreek demands a quick relief for Muslims of Egypt

A rally was held in Havelian City for the Muslims of Egypt by Khaksaar Tehreek. At this occassion the Khaksaar leaders expressed their grief over the killing of innocent people in Egypt.

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Jammat e Islam, havelian, egypt, army
Havelian Jammat e Islami protested against Egyption Army

Dr Ishaq Shiekh says that more than 25000 akhwan e muslameen's reprensentatives were being martyrd but America, Europe and United Nation didn't show any response and pretended as silent spectator.

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