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Sardar Naveed Alam talking to journalists at Sardar Gohar Zaman residence

حویلیاں ۔ ایبٹ آباد کے سینئیر صحافی سردار نوید عالم سلطان پور میں سردار گوہر زمان کی رہائیش گاہ پر صحافیوں سے خطاب کر رہے ہیں- رپورٹ ہارون اسحاق قریشی
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Tailoring shop in Havelian, T-Jays, Gents tailors, Toti Khan road
T-JAYS Gents Tailoring Specialist

T-JAYS Gents Tailoring Specialist, Tooti Khan Road Havelian.

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hazara university, art, art competition
Hazara University Havelian Campus students participated in the painting competition.

Afshan Humayun of IT Department first position Waleed Arshad of Army Burn Hall College second and Raja Naveed takes third position in the competition.

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DiGi Net, Havelian, WiFi, Internet Service Providers
Unlimited downloading in Rs 600 per month only

DiGi Net Havelian are WiFi Internet Service Providers. DiGi Net service area covers whole city and a few villages near Havelian Seri, Havelian Village, and Sultanpur

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