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پیپلز یوتھ آرگنائزیشن نے ہزارہ ڈویژن کے عہدیداروں کا اعلان کردیا

May 03/2018: Provincial Cabinet People's Youth Organisation #KPK has appointed following office-bearers of Peoples Youth #Hazara_Division with immediate effect. (1)Majid Jadoon(President) (2

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صوبائی وزیر اکبر ایوب خان کی حویلیاں آمد ، مولانا سلیمان صاحب سے ملاقات

مولانا صاحب نے صوبائی وزیر مواصلات و تعمیرات اکبر ایوب خان کا حویلیاں آمد اور مسلسل سرپرستی پر شکریہ ادا کیا اس موقع پر ممبر ضلع کونسل راجہ حسرت خان بھی موجود تھے۔

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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube banned in ECP

Election commission of Pakistan bans social media websites in ECP offices... Posted by Asad Mustafa

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CPEC: The devil is not in the details

The primary outgoing shipment of containers wearing chinese goods departed from Gwadar port on November 13, 2016. The media event b.. Posted by Hakeem Shah

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CM Parvez Khattak visited Abbottabad, Ali Khan requested CM to solve Havelian Hospital and District Budget issues

CM attended a political gathering in Harno and presided a meeting at Green Retreat Hotel Nathiagali. District Opposition Leader Abbottabad Ali Khan Jadoon (PTI), Provincial Minister for Educa.. Posted by Havelian.Net

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PTI Ko Muslim League B Team se Pak Kiya Jaye Ga, Ali Khan Jadoon

Insaf Student Federation Kay Zere Ehtimam Changla Gali Main Workers Convention Organisers: Waseem Ahmad Abbasi an Faheem Akhtar Abbasi. Pictures by Muhammad Iqbal

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Pictures of Strike called for Hospital Upgradation by Khaksar Tehreek, Havelian.Net, News, Khursheed Azam Khan (President Chamber of Commerce Havelian), Sardar Arsal Parvez (Chairman Tehsil Council Havelian), Qadir Bakhash (President Havelian Press Club), Khaksar Nisar, Khaksar Zarshad, Khaksar Arshad, Babu Javed Iqbal Khan (District Member), Amjad Iqbal (Tehsil Member), Osama Al Hashmi (President TJP Abbottabad, Khawaj Rauf (PPP), Akmal Abbasi (PMLN)
Pictures of Strike called for Hospital Upgradation by Khaksar Tehreek

Pictures by Hameed Tanoli Sb, the most senior Press Photographer of Havelian

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Health facilities are getting worse in Satora valley due to negligance of concerned Authourities

Satora valley is a beautiful village of Teshil Havelian. It is the center of many small villages around it, but it lacks many necessary facilities, and people are deprived of basic health facilities as well. Keep in mind that being far away from Havelian and Abbottabad, there is a huge risk in emergency cases.Reported by Asif Fazil

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Former candidate for provincial assembly Sardar Pervaiz Sarwar has decided to Join PML(N)

Havelian former candidate for provincial assembly Sardar Pervaiz Sarwar has decided to Join PML(N). He was invited to join PML(N) by Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha which was accepted by him. Before this he was member of PPPP.

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Ehsanullah Khan wins all Pakistan Naat Competition 2015

The winner of inter schools Naat Competition 2014, Mr. Ehsanullah Khan has won all Pakistan Naat Competition 2015.Complete report by:Muhammad Zubair

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