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جنا ح پبلک سکو ل اینڈ کا لج میں سا لا نہ فنکشن کا انعقا د کیا گیا جس کے مہما ن خصو صی ڈپٹی سپیکر مر تضی جا وید عبا سی اور منیجر میزان بنک ار شا د خا ن جدو ن تھے

ڈپٹی سپیکر مر تضی جا وید عبا سی اور منیجر میزان بنک ار شا د خا ن جدو ن نے سکو ل فنکشن کی تعر یف کر تے ہو ئے کہا کہ غیر نصا بی سر گر میو ں میں بچو ں کا حصہ لینا نہا یت ہی احسن اقد ام ہے

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Pir Sabir Shah will take oath from Havelian Press Club on 7th September

Cermony will be held in town hall Havelian at 2 O'clock in the afternoon. Large number of govt official, members of national and provisional assembly and other famous personality will attend the ceremony

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Awaz Organization and Sungi Foundation working together in Batala

Press Club: Awaz and Sungi Foundation distributed free tools among the farmers of Batala village. In the picture you can see President Awaz Organization Raja Asif. Picture by Syed Saqlain Shah

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35th death anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto observed, 35th death anniversary, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Havelian
35th death anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto observed in Havelian

Pictures by Syed Saqlain Shah Press Club Havelian

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Monsoon rains 2013, Pakistan, Havelian
Monsoon rains start in Havelian

Press Club Havelian: Many houses have been destroyed by heavy rains so far. Travelling is a big problem because of Water and land sliding on the Roads. Water level has also remarkably increased in Dorh.

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14th August, Rally, Havelian, Malik Furrukh Bashir
14th August Rally in Havelian

Press Club Havelin: A rally will march from Press Club Havelian to Ghazi Daud Shah Memorial. Main purpose of this Rally is to highlight the sacrifices of Shuaada-e-Pakistan.

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