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Sardar Aurangzeb gets 90 Lac rupees approved for Sajikot Waterfall

Sajikot Waterfall is one of the very beautiful spots in Hazara. It will be really good if 90 lacs are spent honestly. Sjikot Waterfall can bring tourists and business to our area. We are thankful to M.. Posted by Havelian.Net

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MPA Aurangzeb Nalotha has granted 15 lacs for Muhallah Qasab Issue today

Technical Team from local Govt along with representatives of Team Havelian.Net serveyed the location

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Hajia Chamnaka, Sardar Aurangzeb, Nalotha, PML-N, PK-47
Hajia Chamnaka road inauguration:

Havelian (Press club report) Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha on inauguration ceremony of Hajia Chamnaka road

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Havelian Shutter Down Strike, Shahzaib Khan, News
Havelian Shutter Down Strike

Posted by Shahzaib Khan

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Misery of Havelian Hospital

Do you know what happens when a heart patient, or a wounded kid or a pregnant women is taken to Havelian Hospital in emergency!

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