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Sooji Halwa Recipe

Ready in : 5 Minutes

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Cheese And Onion Pastries

These delicious pastries are made with puff pastry with a filling of potatoes, cottage cheese and onions. The cottage cheese can be replaced with feta cheese, ricotta cheese etc.Vegetables can be replaced with minced beef or chicken

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Coconut Kheer Recipie

Rice and coconut milk cooked with spices, served with a nutty caramel and pistachio silvers.

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Diabetes Treatment Tips

Diabetes affects 347 millions people worldwide caused by level of sugar in blood.It occurs when pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin.Diabetes becomes more prevalent with age.About half of all the cases are diagnosed over age 60.A healthy diet and exercise can help prevent diabetes.There are top 10 ways in which you avoid getting this disease.

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Sindhi Rabri Kheer

Sindhi Rabri Kheer is a versatile Pakistani Dessert made with combination of milk, rice, sugar and rabri. Raabri is very popular in Sindh and mostly made in north, central and western India and Pakistan.

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Easy Kulfi (Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Freezer!)

It's easy and it tastes great.And the best part is that No ice cream freezer is needed!

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Sooji Kheer Recipe

Time: 5 minutes

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