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اگر ملازمین تنخواہ کے حصول کیلئے نوکری کریں گے تو ادارے تباہی کی طرف جائینگے ، وائس چانسلر ایبٹ آباد یونیورسٹی

ترقیافتہ ممالک میں لوگ نوکری تنخواہ کیساتھ ساتھ ذہنی سکون اور اطمینان کیلئے کرتے ہیں اور جب تک وہ اپنی ذمہ داریاں پوری نہ کر لیں ا سوقت تک انہیں سکون نہیں ملتا ہے جبکہ تیسری دنیا کے سرکاری ملازمین نوکری صرف تنخواہ کے حصول کیلئے کرتے ہیں ، ہم غریب عوام کے ٹیکسوں کے پیسوں سے تنخو

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Chief Selector Inzamam-ul-haq announced squad for training camp

Chief selector inzamam ul haq announced Squad for the training camp for the tour of West Indies from 11 march to 17 march.. Posted by Asad Mustafa

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Training for National Population Census started at Govt Model High School Havelian

گورنمنٹ ماڈل ہائی سکول حویلیاں میں چھٹی خانہ مردم شماری کی تربیت شروع ہو گئی پرنسل گورنمنٹ ہائی سکول الولی فقی

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Union of Journalists elected new cabinet, Syed Abbas Trimzy is the new President

On this occasion New President Syed Abbas Trimzy said we shall bring all the journalists of Havelian under one flag. Posted by Havelian.Net

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SPARC project started in District Abbottabad for Govt Schools

SPARC announced a project to provide quality education in Primary Schools of Dist Abbottabad.Press conference held in Havelian Press club by SPARC.Jhangir Khan (Project Manager),Shahid Aziz(Dist Coordinator) and local media personnel attended the press Conference.

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HOPE Foundation and Imperial College visit to Tehsil Havelian

HOPE Foundation and Imperial College visited to different union council of Tehsil Havelian for identification and mobilization of marginal communities from different union council in tehsil Havelian, for free technical trainings funded by TUESDEC & EU in collaboration with ministry of production Pakistan.

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Memorendum of Understanding signed between TUSDEC and local Entrepreneurs

TUSDEC Representatives signed MOU with local Entrepreneurs and top management of construction companies for job placement of successful students of First session. Second session of Free courses for students of Havelian are being started under the supervision of TUSDEC. Please visit at Imperial College campus for registration.

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Nathiagali Hotels, Online Hotel Booking and Room Reservation

Summer Retreat and Green Retreat Hotels Nathiagali are the best Hotels in Nathiagali with on of the finest room service in Pakistan.

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Action against Sheesha cafes in Abbottabad, sheesha cafes in abbottabad, ac usama waraich, sho shamrez, Sheesha equipment confiscated
Action against Sheesha cafes in Abbottabad

Sheesha equipment was confiscated from all the cafes, 6 arrests were made and 1 cafe was sealed which was selling Sheesha to under age students.

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Commissioner Hazara inaugrates plantation drive
Commissioner Hazara inaugrates plantation drive

Commissioner Hazara Division Mr. Abid Ali inaugrated a massive plantation drive in Hazara during which 25 lac trees will be planted across the division. The plantation activity took place on the Simla Hill and was attended by Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad, AC Abbottabad, ACs under training.

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Anti encroachment drive continues on Mansehra road, Mansehra road,Anti encroachment,Mansehra,encroachment, operation
Anti encroachment drive continues on Mansehra road

Anti encroachment drive continues on the main Mansehra road in its 4th month with action taken after vacation of stay orders against a number of encroachers. The team was led by AC Abbottabad Osama Warraich who was accompanied by under training AC's Mir Raza Ozgen and Altaf Sheikh.

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