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Ilegal Transport Stops and Stalls Now Become A Major Hurdle For Havelian Civilians

SHO of Havelian Police Station Said that they will remove all mini bus stands from Havelian bazar

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Development of Severage system in Havelian

TMA again start his work on Severage system of Havelian

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ASP Kashif Zulfiqar's tenure ends in Havelian, New DSP Asif Gohar will take charge today

DSP Asif Gohar, famous for his strict action during Hazara movement will take charge of Havelian Circle today. Reported by Havelian Press Club

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asp kashif zulfiqar, kashif zulfiqar, encroachment operation in havelian, land encroachment
ASP Kashif Zulfiqar strikes again

Operation against Encroachment restarted in Havelian Bazar today. ASP Kashif Zulfiqar is leading the operation along with CMO Sami Ullah Khan and AC2 Abbas Ali Shah.

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TMA finally noticed the filth across main road Havelian, promises to clean up as soon as possible

Havelian City has already lost some precious lives because of CONGO virus. If any thing similar happens again who will be responsible. MPA or CMO?

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Shop catches fire in Havelian Bazar due to short circuit

Shop of Khan Afsar near Bostan hotel caught fire due to short circuit around 6PM today. Photos and Videos by Press Club

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encroachment operation, havelian bazar, CMO Sameeullah Khan, MPA Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha, MNA Murtaza Javed Abbasi
Incomplete encroachment operation has left Havelian in miserable condition

Press Club: Citizen of Havelian requested respectable CMO Sameeullah Khan, MPA Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha and MNA Murtaza Javed Abbasi to take proper measures to solve this issue. Please go to the details page for more pictures..

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Rent a book, Altaf News Agency, Books Library,  Zaman Hotel, Havelian Bazar
Rent a book in Havelian

Altaf News Agency and Books Library: Library includes a large variety of literary, comic, fiction and history books from the famous authors of sub continent. Moreover For All kind of Newspaper, Magazines and books Please visit Altaf News Agency and Books Library opposite Zaman Hotel Havelian Bazar.

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Kooki Jewellery Shop in Havelian Bazar

We offer the best prices in Havelian for all kings of garments, cosmetics and Jewellery. Best Jewellery Shop in havelian city.

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Ghazi Daud Shah Shaheed, history of havelian, havelian, malik farrukh bashir, monument
Who is Ghazi Daud Shaheed!

You might have seen the name on Govt High School Havelian and a monument in Havelian Bazar. Ghazi Daud Shah was a citizen of Havelian considered as one of the earliest martyrs of Tehreek-e-Pakistan. He was gunned down by British Army on 23rd March 1940 in Havelian Bazar

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