Havelian.Net: Saaf Chali Shafaf Chali, Tehreek-e-Insaf Chali, Yes this was the slogan of PTI. But unfortunately this is not happening in KPK.  
Listed below are 21 people hired on different positions in Hazara University Havelian Campus. The positions never existed and therefore never advertised. 
When we started investigating into  the information we recieved, We came to know a lot of interesting facts
  1. These 21 posts were never advertised in any newspaper
  2. Havelian Campus is short of Class rooms and furniture. 17 serving people were trasferred illegally from Havelian Campus to adjust new illegal hirings.
  3. M Phil Qualified Teachers are working as visiting faculity for Rs. 500 per lecture, however the dears of Mr. Coordinator are hired on 26000 fixed and 50000 contract salaries.
  4. Teaching Assistants working for last 5-7 years are not promoted while the fresh and illegal  hirings got 18th scale.
  5. Order# 273 Computer Operator is a very close relative of Mr. Coordinator
  6. Order# 862 is near and dear to a PTI Minister from Abbottabd
  7. Order# 861 is nominated by a very powerful personality sitting in Provinicial Assembly
  8. Order# 604 Accounts Assistant is Brother of secratory to PTI Minister in Provincial Governament.
  9. Order#763 contains 4 posts nominated by a PTI Provincial Minister. One of the candidates is wife of HOD and another is relative of Mr. Coordinator.
  10. Order #982 was nominated by an MNA in Abbottabad.
Copies of 21 Individul Work orders along with our investigation report including Candidates' relation with different political and admisintrative authorities have been submitted to MPA Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha.
Please see the details of 21 illegal appointments below:

Individual work orders with relevant details and interviews of protesting staff against illegal trasfers shall be published soon. Search Keywords: corruption in kpk by pti govt, pti corrouption, pti kpk, kpk pti, corruption in hazara university, ayub jadoon, havelian campus


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