Geographical Location:

Haripur is a beautiful and populated district of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Pakistan founded in 1822 by Hari Sing Nalwa a Sikh General of  Rangit Sing's army. Until 1992 Haripur was a subdivision of Abbottabad. It is situated in Hazara region at an altitude of 2000 ft from sea with a natural beauty of different villages attached to it.

Geographical sub divison:

Haripur is divided into two tehsils which are further subdivided into 44 union councils.Some of well known areas of Haripur are Huripur city, Bagra, Ghazi, Hattar, Jabri, Sirikot, Panian. This district has two main tehsils which are further subdivided into 44 union councils.A small river, the river Dore, passes through the city, feeding the Tarbela Dam.Kholian bala is one of the beautiful village of Haripur surrounded by beautiful hills having pine trees.

Natural Resources:

The area is rich in natural assets and holds special importance because of two very important water reservoirs - the Tarbela Dam and Khanpur dam.This district has great importance from geographical point of view. It is known as a gateway amid Hazara division and NWFP.  Its boundaries are also attached with the capital Islamabad.The biggest Tarbela Dam made of mud is also located here on the river Sindh. This dam produces 2200-Megawatt of electricity to fulfill the country's energy needs.


Haripur is an established district with a good literacy rate. There are numbers of reknown Government as well as private schools and colleges which are filling the educational needs of people of Haripur and other areas of country by providing them basic and higher education.  A university Haripur University has been established recently here and a campus of Allama Iqbal Open University is also present in this district. 

Famous personality of Haripur:

Field Marshal Ayub Khan(President of Pakistan, 1957-1969)was one of the famous person of Haripur.

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Sirikot town
Beautiful view of Khanpur dam
Green hills near Haripur
Tarbela dam view
Khanpur dam view
University of Haripur
River view in Haripur
Road to village Kachchi Haripur
Bab e Hazara (Gate to Hazara)
Birds in Haripur


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