Havelian press club and havelian union of journalists election has completed. Haroon Ishaq Qureshi is elected as President of Havelian Press Club and Qadir bakhash is elected as President of Union of journalist.

According to details a conference was held under Abdul Qudoos Shah in which all members of press club and union of journalists take part. Abdul Shakoor in his speech recommends the efforts of ex-cabinet of havelian press club. In that session with the agreement of every member Haroon ishaq qureshi selected as president of havelian press club and Qadir bakhash is elected for president of union of journalists.               

In this cabinet of Havelian press club the members are,  Abdul Shakoor Shah Guardian, Haroon ishaq qureshi  President of Havelian Press Club, General Secretary Altaf Hussain Shah, senior vice president Abid Kareem, Vise President Zahid Qureshi, Joint secretary gul Nawaz khan, information secretary sayed asim munir shah, secretary treasurer Ahmed zaman are elected.

In the cabinet of Union of journalists  members are, Abdul Hamid tanoli as guardian, president Qadir bakhash, General secretary Ijaz hussain shah, senior vice president sayed Abbas trimzi, vice president nisar ahmed, joint secretary Abdul Hafeez shah, information secretary Muhammad Hanif Hazarvi, secretary treasurer Qazi Muhammad Aziz selected.

Haroon Ishaq qureshi and Qadir Bakhash thanks all of the members and says that they will complete their responsibilities. Sayed Abdul Qudoos Shah and Sayed Abdul Shakoor shah pray for the success of the new cabinet.


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