Wednesday Nasir Daood sb (Professor at Degrre Cllege Havelin for boys) visited Imperial College Havelian and presented his new book Hindko written to Tahir Ishaq Qureshi MD Imperial College. On this occasion Haroon Ishaq Qureshi CEO Webcomforts and Havelian.Net was also present.

Professor Nasir Daood said that culture is the main thing of a community for their identity and Hindko language and culture is our identity we should present and promote it on every forum. We are neither Pakhtoons nor we are Punjabis. We have our own identity and we should show it.

We can present and promote our Hindko culture by writing Hindko books, by speaking and presenting in Hindko language, by Hindko speeches or by showing  Hindko traditions. If we will not promote our Hindko culture we will lose our identity gradually. My book is a step in Hindko culture promotion.

He gave his suggestions that there should be debate competitions, quiz competitions, poetry competitions, essays and story writing competitions or any other such activities at schools, colleges as well as in our society which can promote and present our Hindko culture.  Havelian.Net team should play their role in this aspect.  

He told that Gandhara Hindko Academy is a department in KPK which is working on the promotion of Hindko language and culture. This department not only encourages and helps the people but provide funds to present their Hindko culture on any level.


Professor Nasir Daood new Hindko book published.


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