"Chamnaka" the Home Of One Of famous trib calls "Jadoon"

The people of Chamnaka "Jadoon" are noted for their friendliness and hospitality. Other Areas are Hajia Gali, Chandomaira , Chari , Karach  , Chapri and so many other small villages. Local Languages are Hindko ( in jadoon areas) and puthwari ( in karlal areas).

Tent Pegging and volleyball, The most popular and favourite games are played in "Chamnaka".

Pictures Selected by Humaira Naseem

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Beautiful Village Chamnaka
Chamnaka Village Hills
Chamnaka cricket ground
Green Chamnaka hills
Goat at Chamnaka village
A mud house at Chamnaka
View of Chamnaka at evening
A water well at Chamnaka
A field of wheat at Chamnaka
Road of Chamnaka
Fileds at Chamnaka
Houses at Chamnaka
Chamnaka Village Hills
A Masjid at Chamnaka
A man plowing in the field
Trees and greenery at Chamnaka
A road at Chamnaka


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