Green Retreat and Summer Retreat Hotels are centrally located in heavenly surroundings right in of the highest mountain peak of the area 'Miranjani' (2980m - 9775ft). Its spell binding surroundings and the enchanting view of the lush green pine woods around it will entrance ur souls, an experience you will never forget. The unspoilt wilderness around the hotel offers countless walking trails which are a tremendous joy to explore. The rich variety of the flora and faunna along these trails make them a paradise for trackers and naature lovers. The predominantly conifer forest ecology is highly conductive for the growth of wild life including leopards, flying-foxes, jackals, monkeys and a vriety of wild birds and pheasants. Memorable outdoor Barbecue evenings on weekwneds with live music entertainment and traditional bon fire during peak summer is an experience that will keep jingle bells ringing in your ears for a long time.


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