Havelian.Net: Please tell us about your books: Mujhe Roshni Chayey and new book Dairay ka aseer!

Havelian.Net: Please tell us about the Power of Word? 

Havelian.Net: How do you define literature?  

Havelian.Net: What is the role of Literature in bringing positive Change in a society, especially in Havelian. 

Havelian.Net: People say Fiction (Afsana) is based on lies. What is your take on that?

Havelian.Net: What is your definition of a Writer? Do you think Journalists of Havelian are also writers? 

Havelian.Net: Please tell us about Journalists of Havelian, and their role in the society!

Havelian.Net: Are you satisfied with the service of Havelian.Net?


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