The king system of India has come to an end. ICC approved that they are going to cancel the system of big three that is approved back in “2014”. In the First Conference of ICC 2017 almost all Cricket boards are on the same page, that the rule of Big three should not proceed more forward.

Big three, Australia, England and India

ICC working group wants change in Constitutions and money system. And ICC accept that offer and they show that they are very keen in these Changes and including new members in ICC in next conference of ICC in April.

Chairmen of ICC “Shashank manohar” said that, today we took a step forward for cricket and ICC. Shashank manohar said that, the new plan of working group is a good replacement against the constitution of 2014 and know we will work together on it and this will be signed in April 2017. He said that we will give a good time to India to about about it and give opinion on this.

Shashank manoher said he want that behavior for all members of ICC should be equal, and next constitution will be same. He said that we all are on the same page and there will be no discussion on the rules of changing constitution. According to a Cricket website India and Sri lanka give vote against this plan and Zimbabwe does not take part in voting.


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