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CPEC: The devil is not in the details

The primary outgoing shipment of containers wearing chinese goods departed from Gwadar port on November 13, 2016. The media event b.. Posted by Hakeem Shah

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Top 10 Richest Persons in The world,Top 10 Richest Peoples in The world,Top richest Man in The World,Top 10 Rich Peoples
Top 10 Richest People in the World

Take a look at the list of top 10 richest humans within the international 2017 The sectors Billionaires listing by way of Forbe.. Posted by Hakeem Shah

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Top 10 Historic Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that's clearly a gem for the tourists. the main purpose is that it has were given taste for all varieties of .. Posted by Hakeem Shah

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Beautiful Mosque in The World,Top 10 Mosques in the world,
Most beautiful mosque in the world,Faisal Mosque,Al haram shareef Macca,Madina Masjid Nabvi
Top 10 beautiful Mosques in the world

Mosque (Masjid) is a Holy region for Muslims. It’s far a place for worship for all of the followers of Islam. Mosque is the location where .. Posted by Hakeem Shah

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17 Year young Boy Become Third Rich Gamer of the World

A very young boy of Pakistan is now third rich gamer of the world.. Posted by ASAD MUSTAFA

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Misery of Havelian Hospital

Do you know what happens when a heart patient, or a wounded kid or a pregnant women is taken to Havelian Hospital in emergency!

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Top 10 ways to Control Cholesterol Level, Control Cholesterol Level, diet, healthy diet
Top 10 ways to Control Cholesterol Level

Many people are suffering from abnormal cholesterol level due to imbalance and low quality diet.Here are some simple and effective ways to bring the Cholesterol level to normal through diet or food.

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Free wheel chairs for disabled people in Havelian Abbottabad

Press Club: Sadaat Active citizen Community with the help of Saba Trust America distributed free wheel chairs in Havelian. If any deserving person needs chair please contact Sadaat Active Citizen Comunity

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Political Rights of women in Islam

Islam provides complete guidance to humanity and gives clear directions about every aspect of the life. This is so that all the Muslims have proper knowledge to live a life according to its teachings, no matter what the age. Islam gives equal rights to both men and women; only in some matters, men have preference over women because men are physically stronger.

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Most beautiful places in America

Europe is great and Asia is awesome, but the song says America the beautiful.

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America under pressure, IKs stand againd Drone Attacks, Keep it up captain
Nato countries urging Imran to allow supplies through KPK

America under pressure after IKs stand againd Drone Attacks. Keep it up captain.

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Tariq Aziz (1995-2012), drone attacks in pakistan
Who is Tariq Aziz (1995-2012)

Tariq Aziz (1995-2012) - this courageous young boy is known very little in Pakistan. Why don't you know him? Because he couldn't drift a car down a mountain? Sad...so I'll tell you his story, in an attempt to wake your feeble minds up.

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