Do you know what happens when a heart patient, or a wounded kid or a pregnant women is taken to Havelian Hospital in emergency! 

They just refer to private clinics or Complex Abbottabad.. Visit hospital and see how Lady Doctor treats our women and kids. We have lost many precious lives while taking them to Complex. Please kuch sochen.. Let us put pressure on PMLN and PTI to resolve this issue.. Let us beg, curse or stone them in order to get things done! 

Shame on MPA Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha (PMLN) and CM Parvez Khattak (PTI) and especially their Advisers for Havelian jo hamesha sb acha kee report dete hain.. Shame on us jinhen Europe aur America kee tou khabar hai but apne city ma kia ho raha hai iss ka kuch pata nahi.. Shame on Journalists of havelian jihon ne illegal Press Club tou banwa liya but hospital ma emergency nahi banwa sakay... shame on People of havelian, jinhon ne iss week ma b darjan bhar bachon k janazay uthay hain(Suzuki Accident) laikin MPA se sawal nahi kiya k in bachon ko 5-6 hours tk koi treatment kion nahi mili. And last but not the least un bachon ka kia qusoor hai jo hm jaisay begheraton ka ghar paida ho rahay hain jin ko apnay bachon kee b fikar nahi hai.. 


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