Political Rights Of Women In Islam

Islam provides complete guidance to humanity and gives clear directions about every aspect of the life. This is so that all the Muslims have proper knowledge to live a life according to its teachings, no matter what the age. Islam gives equal rights to both men and women; only in some matters, men have preference over women because men are physically stronger. This is one of the reasons that the responsibility of protecting women is assigned to them by the God. Non-Muslims misinterpret this difference and put a label of conservatism on Islam but that is not true as Islam clearly defines the rights of women. Along with all other rights, Islam gives political rights to the women as well.
In Holy Quran, Allah has said that both men and women are the partners of each other and are born to help each other in difficult times. 1400 years ago the word “Bait” was used, which indicates that if a women agrees then she can take “Bait” of the ruler otherwise she cannot be forced to do so. In the modern era, that “Bait” is known as elections and voting, which means women has right to vote. Then how can anyone say that Islam is a conservative religion? There are still some countries in the West where women got no right to vote or to participate in politics.

Once, a companion of Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Umer asked him to fix the amount for Haq Maher for the Muslims. He argued that it was the undecided amount of Haq Maher in the Muslim society because of which Muslim men were facing difficulties to get married. At that time, an old woman stood up and recited the 21st Verse of Surah Nisa, which stated that the right of Haq Maher belonged to the woman who was getting married and she was the one who was to decide its amount. On this, Hazrat Umer immediately took back his opinion. This incident shows that, if a woman wants to give her opinion, she is free to express her views.
Regardless of the aspect of being men or women Islam, a duty is assigned to both to save the mutual interest of all the Muslims. Islam has covered the political rights of women in a way that prohibited negative use of these rights.
Women also accompanied men for Jihad when the state was under attack. However, because men are the protector of women so women can take part in the war but not to fight against enemies but to look after injured people. While in America, women were permitted to take part in battles in 1901. It is another incident that shows that Islam has broader views and gives more freedom to the women than any other religion of the world.
Unlike other societies which took centuries to give rights to women, Islam had given political rights to the women more than 1400 years ago, whether it was the right to vote, the right to raise voice for their rights or the right to be an undeniable part of the political system.


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