Most of people don’t know what is the difference between job and career.


A job is something you do to earn money. In simple words in job your goal is to just get the job done and earn money. In job you just go and do job on the regular basis from a fix time to fox tie. In job you watch the clock desperately that when our time will up and you stay out of the way. It means that you are not interesting in to happy the boss. You are not investing your extra energy in that job. You are not investing extra effort in that job. Just do what the task is given to you. Job is a work you don’t want to do all the life. In job your aim is to get task done, get pay from the boss and support your family. In job you can just support your family not to enjoy your life and not enjoy your job. In job you just survive your life and yourself for money and your family.

Example of Job

For example, in a job of a clerk in an office do the minimal task that is assigned him by the manager and watch the clock desperately until they can get out of there. If his job is done before the time is up, he will not do something extra for the office or company in the extra time to happy the boss or get the office clean or anything else.


A Career is something you do not for money but also for seeking more skills. In simple words a career means that you have to do something out of the box. You try something new. You give your more than 100%. Your aim is to get the task as early as you can and get something out of the box or something new. You are investing your extra energy in for the task. In Career your aim is to get the task early also happy the boss and if you find some extra time you try to put something new. In career you have your goals to achieve in your life. You have to live for yourself. And also support your family but including those conditions you are still happy and enjoy the life, don’t spend the life.

Some People treat job as a career

Some people have the aim in their life. From the example of job I will brief you that how people convert that job into a career. A clerk goes to office with a hope to become a manager of that company one day. He takes the work seriously and when there is no more tasks and he have some more time he spend that time on other works that need to be done but not his responsibility or learn some more skills in that time. These people may have to wait for some time but one day might be on a manager seat.

We people just try to copy the others we do not have our own aim in our life. We just look any other successful personality We want to be like that person. If we look any other then also wants to be like him. So we have no one way to make our career. We people just know to copy others but not make you to be example for others. If we saw a successful business man then we want to be a business man and if we look to any hero for example cricketer or actor we want to be that. We are not confident on our Self. we do not have self confedence. we do not go ahead on our own capabilities. and some time parents do not have the confedence on their child. They force them to do what they want, not what the children wants to do in their life. so before starting your career or even start a professional think 100 times before that are you in your field or not. even in education you start your upper grade classes with a good mindset. most of the students get the degree of bachelors or master when they have no more time to waste they think that i am not on the right path. this is not my field. my field was the other one. So select your future and be 100% in that field and I am sure that you are going to start your bright future with a goal of your life that you have to achieve.


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