Beauty of Pakistan can never be hidden Where ever in the world water falls make the beauty of a country and that place. And there are a lot of countries who are full of natural beauty included water falls which make it more beautiful. I have a list of 10 most beautiful water falls that are the breathtaking places to visit Pakistan. And after reading this article I am sure that you must plan a visit to these places to feel the beauty of these water falls.

No 10: Sajjikot Waterfall

Sajikot Water fall is located in Pakistan and is near to Havelian approximately 24 kilometer from the city Havelian District Abbottabad. A unique thing that makes it more beautiful and unique is the twin waterfalls. This place is most visited by local and international visitors due to twin waterfall.

Sajjikot waterfall

No 9: Shingrai Waterfall

Shingrai Waterfall is located in swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan. This water fall is a place where you will fall in love with nature.

shingrai waterfall

No 8: Jamgar waterFalls

Jamgar waterfall is located in that is surrounded by hills and jungle. This is bow shaped area of azad Kashmir. Jamgar waterfall is a beautifull and refreshing waterfall of Pakistan. Whenever you visit neelum valley then do not forget attach some memories with this beautiful jamgar Waterfall.

jamgar waterfall

No 7: Hanna-Urak Waterfall

Hanna-urak waterfall is very near to hanna lake which is located in District Quetta that is surrounded by the mountains this is a small waterfall as compare to other that I have already write on it but that waterfall will stun you.

 Hanna-Urak Waterfall

No 6: Gulpur Waterfall

Nother beautiful Waterfall of Pakistan is Gulpur Water fall which make this country more beautiful. And it located in District Kotli. The height of this waterfall is not much high but it has the tremendous beauty and looks spectacular. Most of the people visit this place in summer season because this is summer season spot to visit.

Gulpur Waterfall

No.5: Manthoka Waterfalls

Maanthoka waterfall is a spectacular waterfall in skardu which is God gifted location to spend your vications in Pakistan. Manthoka Waterfall is 180 feet high. It is a famous place for visitors in Pakistan. Tourists enjoy here by doing some extra caricular activities, for example fishing, camping and hiking.

Manthoka Waterfalls

No.4: Narh Waterfall

Narh Waterfall is located in a small village of kahuta tehsil, narh waterfall is almost 60 km away from Islamabad, mean that you can visit through Islamabad easily. If you are feeling the heat in summer season and you want a resource to beat this heat then you must visit this place to beat the heat of summer and enjoy it.

Narh Waterfall

No.3: Pir Ghalib Waterfall

Balochistan is one of most beautiful place of Pakistan it has some most natural and God gifted places to catch the tourists interest. And Pir Ghalib Waterfal is add the beauty of Balochistan that attracts visitors to itself. It is located in bolan valley almost 70 km from Quetta. This water fall flow in large Natural pool.

Pir Ghalib Waterfall

No.2: Chotok Waterfall

Chotok Waterfall is located in small a small village of Moola which is 100 km away from Khuzdar. You can say it a Hidden Paradise on earth. You must visit this place and I am sure that you will found yourself in a paradise.

Chotok Waterfall

No 1: Naran Kaghan Waterfalls

Naran kaghan is the most beautiful Waterfall or you can say no 1 waterfall of Pakistan. Your eyes will not allow you to look here and there after getting eyes on this water fall. If you are planning to visit the waterfall in world so don’t forget to visit waterfall of naran kaghan. And don’t forget to catch some memories of this waterfall.

Naran Kaghan Waterfalls

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