Commercialization of Education means the purpose to earn money without any sincerity to deliver knowledge, improve skills or share experience. Now the tendency is transferred from win to win condition to win to lose, nobody wants to win, everyone want to defeat other. Commercialization of Education change the purpose of education now the main purpose is to earn not to turn. Students are learning how to earn but not learning how to turn. This commercialization creates many negative impacts on the society some of them are described below.

1) Earning without Turning:  This Commercialism has divert the original purpose of education, it diverts learning to earning. Because now a days purpose of education that how to earn money not to learn something. Once the reality of education was to deliver the knowledge attitude to students. Teachers were sincere to transfer the knowledge and their experience to the students with their full efforts. Earlier days learning for earning was not the basic purpose of education.

2)High Fee Structure:  Due to the commercialization of education the fee structure of private schools and colleges are going very high and that is going out of the approach of common peoples. Even middle class people are also not in position to get educated their children in private schools and college. And due to this reason a lot of children are unable to be well educated.

3)Artificial Intelligence:  Another factor of Commercialization of education is the artificial intelligence. It means that students have degrees but have not enough knowledge according to the degrees.  And are not well expert in according to these degrees.

4)Growth of unemployment:  One of the major negative impact of commercialization of education is unemployment. A lot of students are awarded degrees every year in private institutes. But in the market there is not enough space for them.

5)Lack of Wisdom and Decision Making:  Number of students are getting study in private institutes but I am really worried about that no institute is producing the intelligent student for the field of medical, science or research. Students are having lack of the decision making ability. They have no power to take their decisions and not that ability to make their own decisions. Even in the department of education I have seen a lot of students who doesn’t know what they should study, what is best for them and in which field they have grip on. After the graduation the know that I have not enough ability in that field or not enough interest in that field and this thing also create the factor of unemployment.

6)Degrees are on sale:  A huge negative impact of commercialization is that the degrees are selling now. Someone who have some money can access the degree in some money. And this is the huge impact on our society that is not a good sign for future as well as now. Even some of our politicians have invalid degrees that they access by money.

7)Right man for right Job:  This concept has developed that a degree is degree even degree holder has enough skills, knowledge and potential according to the degree or not. With having a degree someone can place himself in government job but the man of that department does not get the right place and that is also a reason that our country is unable to generate the greats. Because we are not placing right man for the right job.


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