Chicken (boneless) 1 kg
• Yogurt 250 gm
• RIce 50 gm
• Green gram 50 gm
• Red lentil 50 gm
• Yellow lentil 50 gm
• Gram lentil 50 gm
Wheat 50 gm
• Jaw 25 gm
• Onion 2
Garlic paste 2 tbsp
Ginger paste 2 tbsp
• Green chilies 8-10
• All spIce powder 1 tbsp
Nutmeg and mace powder ½ tsp
Coriander powder 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder ½ tsp
Cumin seeds (roasted and crushed) 1 tsp
 Red chili powder 2 tbsp
 Green Coriander 1/2 bunch
 Mint leaves ½ bunch
 Lemons as required
Chopped Ginger as required

Oil 1 cup
 Salt to taste
Fried onion to garnish
 Chaat masala to garnish


1.Soak all the lentils overnight.
2.Boil 25 gm jaw and gram lentil. Cut 1 kg chicken in small pieces.
3.To prepare qorma, take some oil in a wok, fry 2 onions till golden brown. Now add chicken, 2 tbsp garlic paste and 2 tbsp ginger paste and mix it well.
4.Then add 1 tbsp all spice powder, 1 tsp roasted and crushed cumin seeds, 1 tsp coriander powder, ½ tsp nutmeg and mace powder, 2 tbsp red chili powder, ½ tsp turmeric powder, salt and 8-10 green chilies.
5.Mix everything and add yogurt in it. Mix all the ingredients well and water as required to cook.As the chicken tenders and masala dries remove the pan from the flame.
6.Now take all lentils in a separate wok along with water and rice mix it, cover it and leave it to cook.
7.When the lentils are completely cooked put the lentils and chicken masala in the chopper and chop it. Transfer the mixture in a wok, add water and cook it on a low flame.
8.When everything is cooked and mixed properly add put bigar in it. dish out haleem in a serving bowl and garnish it with fried onion, chopped ginger, ½ bunch green coriander, ½ bunch mint leaves, chaat masala and lemon.


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