Milk                                 ½ litre

Vanilla Custard Powder      2 tbsp

Sugar                              ½ cup

Condensed Milk               ½ cup

Bananas                           4

Cream                            1 cup

Pineapple (slices)             1 cup

Strawberry                      1 cup

Green Jelly                      1 packet

Red Jelly                         1 packet

Orange Jelly                    1 packet

Vanilla Essence                ½ tsp


In milk add soya sauce and cook it on low heat. When Vermicelli is done then add sugar in it.

Then add custard powder in ½ cup water and cool it.

Freeze jelly separately.

In a different bowl, add cream, condensed milk and vanilla essence and beat it.

Add big pieces of pineapple, bananas and strawberries in a bowl.

Now in this bowl add custard and cream mixture and mix it with the fruits.

Add jelly pieces and cool it.




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