Minced ( Chicken , Beef or Mutton ) 1/2 kg
Garlic 6 slIces
Ginger (finely chopped) for filing and For cooking 1 tablespoon
onion 5 (medium)
kskas (khashkhash) 1 Teaspoon
yogurt 1 cup
cumin (zeera) 1 pinch
black paper 6 number
longe 2 number
roasted gram (bhunay chany ) 1/2 cup
Turmeric powder 1/2 Teaspoon
red chilly powder 1 table spoon
Salt as like
Dhania powder 1 Teaspoon
green chilly 6 number
green Cardamom 3 number
Tomato 2 number
Oil for cooking 1 cup and for frying 1/2 liter
Hara Dhania and Podena as required
kewra 4 Teaspoon
beaten egg
Saffron 1 pinch


How To Cook Zafirani Kofty :

1 - Divide minced in two parts .Boil the half minced ,leave half raw .
2 - Combine them and Add black paper , longe , roasted gram ,and kaskas , and grind it .
3 - Then add salt ,red chilly powder in it and leave it for some time .
4 - In a bowl put ginger ( finely chopped) , green chilly (finely chopped ) ,and a tomato ( finely chopped) ,Hara Dhania and podena and mix them .
5 - Take a spoonful of the meat and place it on palm on it put mix ingredients and shape it into a ball and place it onto a tray ,Repeat until all the meat has been made into balls .
6 - Heat the oil , Dip the meat balls in beaten egg and fry until brown .
7 - Fry onion until light brown ,then grind it .
8 - Add ginger garlic paste ,salt , red chilly ,turmeric powder ,and dhania powder .
9 - Add yogurt cook it on low heat , until water absorbed .
10- Add meatballs .
11 - Dissolve saffron in kewra and put it in kofta curry .
12- Leave it on low heat for few minutes .
13- Your Zafrani kofty is ready .Eat it with Nan ,or chapati


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