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Gas And Electricity Load Shedding in Havelian

Its been a great problem for the people of Havelian and other relevent areas of Gas and Electricity loadshedding. There is no timing of Load Shedding in region. A specific time is set for Gas load she

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سما جی ورکر یو نس اعو ان ، چو ھد ری محبو ب اور دیگر کی درجنو ں بکر یا ں جنگلی شیر ہضم کر گیا

حویلیاں (الطاف شاہ) محکمہ و ائلڈ لا ئف کی نا اہلی جنگلی درندہ شیرغر یب عو ام کے درجنو ں مو یشی کھا گیا تفصیلا ت کے مطا بق یو نین کو نسل نا ڑہ اور مجہو ہا ں میں جنگلی شیر کی مو جو دگی کی وجہ سے وہا ں کے رہا ئشی اپنے قیمتی جا نوروں سے ہا تھ دھو رہے ہیں

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Protest of Ababeel Human rights and press club Havelian on burned girl at Makol Paaeenn

Havelian press club: A conference was held on 31 May 2016 by Ababeel Human rights and Havelian Press club at Press club Havelian to protest against the brutal burned of a girl at Makol Payen village s.. Posted by MZ Khan

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Highlights of Protests for the upgradation of Havelian civil hospital

It has been many months that people of Havelian especially Khaksar Tehreek members are protesting to Government for the up gradation of Havelian civil hospital. Government has built the hospital in Te.. Posted by MZ Khan

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Mr. Gohar Zeb supports Zia Rustam Tanoli over Malik Munsaf Awan.. Wife of Mr. Gohar Zeb is President PTI Women Wing District Abbottabad.

Zia Tanoli, Sardar Shahbaz Safdar and Members of PTI Youth Wing protests against ticket distribution in Tehsil Havelian at Havelian Press Club
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Health facilities are getting worse in Satora valley due to negligance of concerned Authourities

Satora valley is a beautiful village of Teshil Havelian. It is the center of many small villages around it, but it lacks many necessary facilities, and people are deprived of basic health facilities as well. Keep in mind that being far away from Havelian and Abbottabad, there is a huge risk in emergency cases.Reported by Asif Fazil

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Pictures of Protest in Havelian against the brutal act in Army Public School Peshawar

A Protest held in Havelian against the brutal act in Army Public School Peshawar in the supervision of Khurshid Azam Khan president trade association Havelian city.

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7 year old child was kidnapped from havelian

On protest of people Havelian Police arrest the kidnapper but child could not be found

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