Tehsil Havelian: It has been raining on and of for last 4-5 days in Tehsil Havelian. Most of the Population lives under concrete Roofs however many still live in old Mud Houses. Continuous rain is becoming dangerous day by day. A few houses in the main city and surrounding villages have already collapses but no Help has been provided so far by Tehsil, District, Provincial or Federal Government.

We do have a fire Brigade but there is no other disaster management Equipment or Staff present at Tehsil Head Office. We request the concerned authorities to take proper measures in this regard.

MPA Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha and Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi should also take personal interest as they belong to the same villages where Land Sliding is a usual stuff.


Continuous rain is becoming quite dangerous for the poor
Continuous rain is becoming quite dangerous for the poor


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