Bandi Attai Khan: Due to an appeal by Mr. Khalid Tanoli, recounting was held for UC Bandi Attai Khan Tehsil Council Election under supervision of AC2 Abbas Shah in Abbottabad.

A few bags were counted yesterday and the rest were counted today. After complete recounting Mr. Iftikhar Khan Jadoon won the Election by 118 votes. This is quite a good news for PTI Havelian. However PMLN still holds the Chairmanship of Tehsil Havelian.

تحصیل کونسل بانڈی عطائ کی سیٹ پر دوبارہ گنتی میں افتخار خان دوبارہ کامیاب قرار دیے گے افتخار خان کی 118 ووٹوں کی برتری

Iftikhar Khan Jadoon of PTI wins by 118 votes after recounting in UC Bandi Attai Khan


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