CID has arrested two target killers during an operation in Karachi belonging to Shia Militant banned organization Sipah e Muhammad who have confessed that they were trained in Iran and were also funded for terrorist activities inside Pakistan.


This was revealed during a press conference by CID Anti-terrorism unit head Raja Umar Khatab. He said that arrested terrorists of Sipah e Muhammad have confessed their involvement in over 60 sectarian killings in Pakistan. Arrested terrorists are identified as Jafar Hussain and Irshaad Hussain. Police has also captured one motor cycle, 3 9MM Pistols, 3 Kalashnikov and a  CD with details of their upcoming targets.

Raja Umar Khatab further told that it has been revealed that Iran not only trains these terrorists but they are also given a stipend of Rs. 15000 per month.

Sipah e Muhammad is a shia terrorist organization which was formed in 1990. This militant organization has been involved in a number of terrorist activities against Sunni sect in the country. Later, this organization was banned by General Pervez Muhsaraf along with several other Sunni Militant organizations including Sipah e Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangvi.

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Iran Trained and Funded Sipah e Muhammad Target Killers Arrested In Karachi


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