Havelian City: People of Havelian have been demanding this up gradation for more than 10 years but Higher Authorities have not done anything significant so far. On 16th March People of Havelian from different political parties gathered in Ameer Muawiya Chowk Havelian and criticized Provincial as well as Federal Government.

On this ocassion following local Political and Social Personalities of Havelian were Also present.

Khursheed Azam Khan (President Chamber of Commerce Havelian), Sardar Arsal Parvez (Chairman Tehsil Council Havelian), Qadir Bakhash (President Havelian Press Club), Khaksar Nisar, Khaksar Zarshad, Khaksar Arshad,
Babu Javed Iqbal Khan (District Member), Amjad Iqbal (Tehsil Member), Malik Shahzad Mehmood Awan (Tehsil Member), Osama Al Hashmi (President TJP Abbottabad, Khawaj Rauf (PPP), Akmal Abbasi (PMLN), Maik Qamar PMLN and others

Pictures by Hameed Tanoli Sb, the most senior Press Photographer of Havelian

Pistures of Strike called for Hospital Upgradation by Khaksar Tehreek
All Parties seem together on this issue
People of Havelian demanding Hospital Up gradation
Sardar Arsal Parvez
Khaksar Zarshad
Khajwa Rauf PPP
Babu Javed Iqbal Khan
Khaksar Arshad
Osama Al Hashmi President TJP Abbottabad


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