Havelian Press Club: Havelian Union of Journalists held their elections at Havelian Press club on Friday 18th March 2016. Moreover a few decisions were taken in order to promote journalism in Youth. Memberships for Union is now open and anyone can apply through Havelian Press Club. Training sessions will also be conducted for new comers. 

Name and designations of new cabinet are as following
Patron: Syed Altaf Shah
President: Syed Abbas Trimzy
General Secretary: Mr. Abid Karim
Senior Vice President: Khaksar Nisar
Vice President: Haroon Ishaq Qureshi
On this occasion New President Syed Abbas Trimzy said we shall bring all the journalists of Havelian under one flag and will work for the betterment of all journalists..
Elections were held at Havelian Press Club


Union of Journalists elected new cabinet, Syed Abbas Trimzy is the new President


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