Press Club: Electricity for Muhallah Azam Khan and adjacent streets is out of order for last 2-3 days. WAPDA Havelian is working on the issue but could not fix the issue.  

Last night when WAPDA workers said we shall do the rest of work tomorrow, public got upset. Public protested against the incompetency of WAPDA and forced linemen to work until the issue is fixed. 

Later on ASP Kashif Zulfiqar, SDO Havelian, President Bar Club and others negotiated with the public and promised that issue will be resolved within 24 hours.

People of the area were confessing themselves that they had given bribes to WAPDA officials but unfortunately ASP Kashif Zulfiqar and SHO Hakim Khan did not take any action against either Bribe givers or takers :( 


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