UC Ghari PhulGran: Just a while ago family of Siddique s/o Gulzaman was brought to Havelian Hospital. Whole family was referred to Ayub Medical Complex Abbottabad because of serious injuries.

According to the information provided by Relatives Wild Pigs entered into their house in Sajawal Village near Rajoiya and attacked them. Siddique, Her wife and a son and a daughter are seriously injured while a couple of others are also bruised.

It is advised to All people of Havelian specially living in the Villages to ensure their security while travelling and keep their doors shut at Homes.

Allah Jee Zakhmion ko Seht den aur Hum Sb ko apni Hifz o Aman ma Rakhen. Amen.
These kind of accidents show the usefulness of Havelian Hospital. If such things cant be dealt here, why do we have it in first place. Shame on Elected Representatives and CM.

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Wild Pigs entered a house in Sajawal Village and wounded the whole Family


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