Abbottabad: Ali Khan Jadoon Opposition leader Distict Council criticized Sardar Sher Bahadur for distributing Funds to specific people only.  

During a Press Conference in Abbottabad Press Club, He said Sardar Sher Bahadur and his team is continuously ignoring opposition Members in funds allocation. If we did not get our right, we shall take our case to the court and Local Government Council. We shall take stay order against this unjust Budget. 33 Union Councils are being deprived from their right. PMLN District Goverment has failed big time in serving Abbottabad. 

On this occassion Sardar Fakhar-e-Alam Gul, Waseem Khan Jadoon, Sardar Waqar Nabi, Master Aziz Ur Rehman, Colonel Sabir, Qari Rashid and others were present at Abbottabad Press Club

Ali Khan Jadoon said since Imran Khan has suspended Sardar Sher Bahadur's membership in PTI, He should not call him self an Insafian and he should not attend PTI Events. He said Sardar Sher Bahadur has not space in PTI and even PMLN is not welcoming him.

Ali Khan Jadoon said there was a pact between opposition and district government. According to that pact a 3 member committee was formed to resolve budget issues. Opposition members submitted their ADPs but comittee took no action and only specific people were entertained in the District Budget. The whole district is being deprived from Development because of only one man. He also said we had cooperated with district Goverment and submitted our ADPs so that current budget may get utilised but District Government is not serious about development. For this reason there is a strong chance of Budget lapse.   

Pictures by Muhammad Iqbal Awan

District Abbottabad Opposition Members PTI
District Abbottabad Opposition Members PTI
Ali Khan Jadoon at Abbottabad Press Club


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