Have you ever ever gone for a walk in a park nearby at night time? Now consider getting there and all of unexpected the power goes out. You’re plunged in general darkness with no idea what or who’s around you.

No longer  a laugh feeling is it? Unfortunately any such parks won’t face these troubles any more.

Islamabad’s biggest park, referred to as the F-9 park, (also referred to as the Fatima Jinnah park) has long gone sun

About The Solar Panels

Pakistan Biggest Solar Panels By Havelian.Net

The brand new solar panels numbering 3,400 had been mounted in December. The Solar panels cowl a total vicinity of 2.five hectares within the park which has a total location of 750 acres. Approximately $4.8 million became spent on those Solar panels.

They may provide un-interrupted energy to one of the metropolis’s biggest leisure parks, ridding it of consistent electricity failures that plagued it.

Fatima Jinnah Park’s sun panels will produce 870 kilowatts of power. This is sufficient strength for about 450 homes and might be used for the lights and the sprinklers and water pumps around the park.

Funded with the aid of China

Fatima Jinnah Park in Pakistan

This initiative became funded with a supply from China. Batteries might be used to save strength to ensure that the park doesn’t run out of juice 24 hours an afternoon.

A number of the electricity could be utilized by the Capital development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Metropolitan business enterprise (IMC), each of that have workplaces in the park.

Restoring The Park’s lifestyles
officers on the park claim that the site visitors that had formerly stopped journeying the park due to energy troubles are actually returning. IMC chairman Anser Aziz Sheikh said,

We're seeing more and more visitors coming lower back to the park for recreational and bodily fitness activities,

Including that solar energy has had the impact of bringing existence lower back to the park. Children will no longer want to get off their favorite ride simply because the energy went out.

People needed to work through the years without Getting Paid

Sun electricity made life simpler for the employees at the park as nicely. Karam Ali, a gardener on the Fatima Jinnah Park says that sun energy has made his job less difficult now that the sprinklers and the pumps are now not shut down due to electricity outages.

In advance the people and gardeners had been compelled to work through the years because of electricity outages to get the work achieved, without getting paid. That hassle is now solved.

One 0.33 of Pakistan nonetheless Doesn’t Have get entry to to electricity
The relaxation of the  parks may also do with something much like deliver them lower back to lifestyles. In keeping with the arena financial institution, round 66% of the Pakistan’s general populace has get entry to to energy with the last 34% shrouded in darkness.

To expand access to electricity and to preserve up with the financial growth in the  Pakistan will need to invest among 3.7% and 5.5% of its GDP every year only for power generation.

3.34 Million MW of energy may be Produced thruough Renewable assets

Pakistan has the capability to supply 2.9 Million MW of power from sun energy. In addition we've the ability to provide, 340,000 MW from wind and one hundred, 100,000 MW from hydroelectric electricity flora, supplied we've the finances to achieve this. Pakistan’s alternative strength development Board and the sector bank’s studies again these claims.




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