Abbottabad: Journalism has become very difficult in Abbottabad and Hazara Region. Several attacks on Journalists in Hazara Region were reported in last few months. Bakhsheesh Abbasi was killed out side his house near Havelian City, later on Sohail Khan was murdered in Haripur. Javed Iqbal of Havelian luckily escaped a brutal murder attempt but he was severely injured. Hammad Khan of Havelian Press Club was beaten by 10-12 people and thrown on main road with several bone fractured. Many other incidents of attacks on journalists in Abbottabad were reported last year. This is an alarming situation not only for the journalists working in this hard area but also for the higher authorities. Journalism is the fourth pillar in any country and keeping it secure is responsibility of State. People associated with this sector put their lives at stake and perform their duties. In year 2018, journalists had a very difficult time here in Hazara Reigon, yet journalists never hesitated in performing their duties and reporting in this region was always based on facts and up to the mark. Though the incidents were not associated with each other but Journalists belonging to the havelian, Javed Iqbal and Hamad Khan, Bakesh-ilahi and Sohail Khan of Haripur all had received threats and Police was informed in time accordingly, but no security measures were taken. Meanwhile Journalist Javed Iqbal and Hamad Khan faced severe injuries and Bakhsheesh Illahi and Sohail Khan lost their lives. Social circles and journalist organizations have been demanding practical measures to protect journalists' lives but nothing significant has been done in this regard by the Higher Authorities.
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